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Wet Cleaning Near Me

Meena Cleaners Offers Natural Wet Cleaning Near Me For ALL Garments.

Washing and cleaning your clothing has never been simpler, at least with the team at Meena Cleaners by your side. Established in 1992 while proudly serving Mississauga and the surrounding region with eco-friendly dry cleaning services, Meena Cleaners specializes in the most effective wet cleaning near me for garments of ALL styles.

As one of the few full-service garment cleaning teams in the region, let's see how Meena Cleaners has turned into the best wash and fold near me for haute couture, designer clothing, bridal dresses, and more -- all through the power of wet cleaning.

Wet Cleaning Near Me: Key Advantages!

Whether you are looking for a simple wash and fold near me or wet cleaning services, Meena Cleaners can help you to tackle your cleaning objectives. Meena Cleaners is 100% dedicated to non-toxic cleaning systems that protect both customers and the environment. This is how the process at Meena Cleaners works.


  • Inspection - First, Meena Cleaners will inspect your clothing for any dirt and stains. A technician will then determine the ideal treatment for your fabric. Discuss any special requests you may have for your garments with us now.

  • Eco-Friendly Wet Cleaning - Wet cleaning services are an ideal solution for several different reasons. Wet cleaning removes chemical odours while preventing dirt or grime residue, leaving a fresh and clean scent that is non-irritating and gentle on your fabrics. Ideal for removing stains and rated Safe for the Environment by the EPA, wet cleaning is the safest, most sustainable and environmentally friendly way of the future.

  • Pick Up or Delivery - Free delivery and pick-up services ensure that you have access to clean clothes the moment you need them. Online booking makes it easier than ever to select the services that work best for you.

Take advantage of the top wash and fold near me today by booking your service at Meena Cleaners!

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