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Donation and Hanger Recycling

Donation & Hanger Recycling

  • Whether you’re cleaning out your family’s closet, doing a spring clean or taking a journey towards a newer you, the result of such endeavours leave you with items you could quite easily get rid of.

  • At Meena Cleaners we believe in the gift of giving, even when it isn't Christmas; and if you're ever in the generous and giving mood you might consider donating your unwanted clothes, bags or shoes to a good cause.


  • As a company that has done the cleaning for many clothing donation charities we want to continue these efforts in our communities and work with local and international charities to help spread a little more love and positivity in the world .


  • We accept clothing donation in our Milton and Mississauga locations. All proceeds go to their respective charities, we do not profit from this service. Just drop off your clothing items and let our staff know that this is for donation.

  • Sustainability for the environment is also a big part of our cleaning technology and operation and how we can help you is by recycling those hangers. Instead of throwing them out and piling landfill sites just drop them off at our stores and we can help recycle them for you.

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