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Dry Cleaning vs. Wet Cleaning.


  • Majority of traditional dry cleaners today use a chemical called ‘perc’ (perchloroethylene), a petrochemical solvent classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as an air and water toxin and carcinogen. According to Health Canada, it is no longer produced in Canada, but is still imported by the dry cleaning and metal cleaning industry.

  • Side effects linked with perc include: dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and nausea, as well as skin and respiratory irritation; and long term exposure to high amounts have been linked to other adverse effects

  • The Environmental Protection Agency has also uncovered that these toxins are exposed to the environment by releasing into the air, and polluting water and soil during the cleaning, purification, and disposal phases of dry cleaning.

“About 75% of other dry cleaners make the claim their process is “green” or “organic” but don’t use toxin-free technology”


  • Professional wet-cleaning is just what it sounds like – cleaning with H2O, a universal solvent. It is however, not the same as home laundry cleaning. Our process uses sophisticated, computer controlled cleaning machines and high-tech finishing equipment to ensure fabrics retain their correct size and shape; and are perfect for garments such as silk, cashmere, wool, and other fine delicates. For this, we use biodegradable soaps and conditioners that are specially formulated for the wet cleaning industry and are designed to minimize colour changes and shrinkage; and do not generate hazardous chemicals, harmful wastes, or contribute to pollution. 

  • About 75% of other dry cleaners make the claim that their process is “green” or “organic,” by using hydrocarbon solvents, which are also a kind of petrochemical. While hydrocarbon solvents are a big improvement over perc, hydrocarbon solvents are still classified by the EPA as volatile air contaminants (VOC); potentially causing skin and eye irritation for workers. Cleaners using hydrocarbon often say they are “organic,” which may be scientifically true, but a very misleading claim. 

  • Professional wet cleaning keeps carcinogens and volatile compounds out of your garments, making them safe for your homes, families, and pets.

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