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Our Name.


Meena (Ancient Greek: Μήνης), meaning ‘He Who Endures,’ is the legendary pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who famously united the Upper and Lower regions; and initiated, as first Pharaoh, The First Dynasty (ca. 3100 BC – ca. 2900 BC).

He is depicted in ancient artwork wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt; signifying in much of the Ancient World, a symbol of unity.  

About Us

  • With 30 years professional experience our Dry Cleaning & Wash and Fold Laundry services have been awarded the highest recognition time and time again as "Best Dry Cleaners" throughout the communities we serve.

  • We don't use any chemicals or toxins found within the traditional Dry Cleaning methods, making us the safest option for your homes, families and pets. With our process we are actually able to produce superior results ensuring your clothes are kept as when you bought them!

  •  Stop wasting valuable time worrying about wrinkled clothing and stubborn stains; or gambling your luxury brands with harsh laundry detergents or confusing washing machine settings that leave your clothes shrunk or colours faded.

  • We offer our services to a wide range of markets and businesses, photo and video shoots, fashion shows and red carpet events. 

  • All our Cleaning & Alteration services are done ‘In House’, meaning no third party businesses are involved with your clothes, and a quick turn over time!

  • You can schedule a Drop Off or Free Pickup & Delivery on the go, whenever and wherever you are or track the progress of your order with our new app! Visit the 'Book Online' page for more information.

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