Frequently Asked Questions








  • How does the Wet-Cleaning Process work?

    • In our four simple steps we treat your garments with respect by ensuring nothing but quality and excellence. We’ll help revive those worn out spotted clothes so you can look and feel your best. See our page on Our Technology for more information.

  • Are my ‘Dry-Clean Only’ items safe in your Wet-Cleaning process?


  • Are ‘Dry-Clean Only’ items safe to clean at home?

    • It is not recommended by any clothing manufacturing label to clean these items with regular home-washing methods and detergents. When home-washing these items, there is a high risk of damage, warping, and shrinkage of your garments. Our Wet-Cleaning process however, is highly recommended, helps preserve vibrant colours and ensures the tensile strength of clothing fibers are not compromised. See our page on ‘Why Choose Us’ for more information.



  • Where do you provide your pick-up and delivery services?

    • We pick-up and deliver to businesses, offices, or straight from your home. We are always looking for ways to improve the experiences of our loyal customers, and to expand our services to reach new members. Please contact us to find out if we are currently serving your area. 


  • Are there any delivery charges?

    • We have free pick-up and delivery for orders above $49.99 before tax. Otherwise there is a delivery charge. 'Book Online' to get your order started or 'Contact Us' for any inquiries.


  • When do you offer pick-up and deliveries?

    • We can take your requests at any time, and our scheduled pick-up and deliveries days are Mondays and Thursdays after 6pm. 


  • Do I need to login to an account to book a pick-up?

    • No, just simply fill out the form on our 'Book Online' page and we will contact you by email to help get your order started. 


  • How should I prepare my clothes for delivery?

    • We request that every bag of items be accompanied by a paper or luggage tag with the name and phone number used on the booking request.


  • When do I pay for my delivery order?

    • Automatic payment is available for a quick, easy, and delay-free service. Our staff will contact you with the details.


  • How am I updated on my orders?

    • We send you a text when your items are ready, whether you pick them up in person, or request for our delivery service. 


  • Do you do your alterations on-site?

    • Yes, all clothing alterations are done in-house, never sent out to third-party businesses. We provide professional alterations for all your tailoring needs. 


  • Have a question or want to learn more about our services?

    • Please 'Contact Us' with your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Do you provide customer service after hours?

    • Just text us at 647-512-7060 or email us at during or after business hours with your inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 



  • Do you recycle our hangers?

    • Yes, absolutely. We encourage our customers to help us help the environment. We do the recycling so you don’t have to. Just give your hangers to our delivery personnel or drop them off at any Meena Cleaners location