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Dry Cleaning Near Me

Enjoy Environmental Dry Cleaning Near Me at Meena Cleaners!

Looking your best involves taking care of your clothing as best as you know how. If you are like us then that means finding the best dry cleaning near me for eco-friendly solutions. Meena Cleaners proudly serves Mississauga and the surrounding region with full-service dry cleaning solutions.

Let's explore the benefits and offerings at Meena Cleaners to see how they can make your next dry cleaning service your BEST experience.

Green Dry Cleaning Has Never Looked Better

Meena Cleaners was established in 1992 as a full-service garment care company. 100% dedicated to utilizing non-toxic cleaning systems, Meena Cleaners is intensely focused on not just quality services, but the overall health and vitality of their customers and our environment. With a range of fantastic services available, let's highlight a few of their most popular offerings.


  • Innovative Wet Cleaning - Whether you are cleaning your casual outfits or your couture collection, wet cleaning services at Meena Cleaners gets the job done the right way. Wet Cleaning is a bio-degradable and non-toxic service that leaves behind a fresh and clean scent without any chemical odors, residues, or perfumes. Better at removing stains and ideal for retaining the vibrant colours of your garments, wet cleaning has been tested and approved by the EPA as well as Health Canada as being the safest option as opposed to traditional dry cleaning, which can carry a bunch of health risks.

  • Dry Cleaning Delivery - We know that life can keep you busy, so why waste it with a trip to the dry cleaners? With dry cleaning delivery services, your clothing comes back to you fresh and clean and ready to be worn.

  • Alterations & Repairs - Meena Cleaners is proud to offer a gifted staff of professionals who can make alterations and repairs of any size. Simply reach out to Meena Cleaners with more information to schedule your service.

Whether you are preparing for your wedding, altering a beloved piece of clothing, or simply cleaning your collection, the team at Meena Cleaners is ready to help. Book your award-winning service online now!

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