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Alterations Near Me

Find Affordable Tailor and Alterations Near Me at Meena Cleaners!

Looking your best should never come at the expense of your comfort or bank account. At Meena Cleaners, customers can find the top tailoring near me as well as the best alteration services in the entire region. A dedicated clean-and-green company, Meena Cleaners has been providing winning alterations near me since 1992. If you are looking to alter a favored piece of clothing, let's explore how Meena Cleaners can provide support.

Tailoring Near Me at Unbeatable Prices!

Meena Cleaners works with a gifted staff of professional technicians to provide unbeatable alterations and tailoring to customers that require it. Whether the service is as simple as replacing a button or as advanced as tapering your favorite gown, your tailor at Meena Cleaners can provide you with a transformative experience.

Let's highlight the best reasons to consider Meena Cleaners for all of your alteration and tailoring services.


  • In-House Services - Whether you are ordering green wet cleaning services or advanced tailoring on your favorite garment, everything is performed in-house at Meena Cleaners. No third-party businesses will ever touch your prized clothing.

  • Custom Look - If you want to transform a nice piece of clothing into a truly custom look, consider having the alteration staff at Meena Cleaners tackle the job. Alterations allow you to dress in a way that feels tailored and customized specifically for you because it is!

  • Variety of Options - From tailoring dresses and altering suits to repairing leather and suede, Meena Cleaners has the skill and experience necessary to provide you with winning clothing solutions. Any garment can be turned into something that looks and feels like it was made for your body.

Schedule your tailoring service online by heading to the official Meena Cleaners website. Meena Cleaners offers award-winning services backed by more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

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